Guys, when did you know that your girl was "the one"?

Did you date long? Did you plan it out way in advance? How's you ask her? Did you drop hints?

My boyfriend & I have been going out for 7 months. He's finishing up his last semester of Pharmacy school (graduates May 13) & he already says that he's gonna marry me some day. Im 25 & he's 27. He's bought me a bracelet & one of those "fluttery" necklaces from Kay for Christmas & my Birthday. Last time we were there to get my bracelet sized, he got my ring size.

I guess... I'm just wondering if he'll propose yet this year (July would be our 1 yr anniversary) or wait...

We both are confident that we are the one for each other, we have quite a bit in common & we just... go well together... no pressure... except for the pressure we put on ourselves :)

Thoughts guys please!!


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  • For me, it was somewhere between when we first had sex (third date for my first "the one", though I married the second one) which was the best sex I ever had (I was so into her behavior, her body, her mind), and all the dates in between and after where we had such a close dynamic and I was having more fun with her than any friend or girlfriend I ever had.

    I knew it quite soon, basically -- within a month of dating, I was pretty convinced, though I didn't start throwing "I miss yous" and the L-word around until after about a year, but I kind of knew it all along.

    • Basically premium dating (more fun with her than any other person I've ever been with) + premium sex (more into her and finding her more attractive in the bedroom than any other woman I've been with, though there were some I found more attractive outside the bedroom, she was gorgeous to me inside the bedroom) kind of sealed the deal for me.

    • Sex is very important to me there to seal "the one" (though agreed with orphan that "the one" isn't the only one), and some women are gorgeous in the bedroom and not as much outside (not so eye-catching), and some women are gorgeous outside the bedroom and not so much inside the bedroom. There's a bit of a surprise there when sleeping with any woman, and the two "the ones" for me gave me an amazing surprise in the bedroom where they were so attractive with their clothes off.

    • As for how I asked the "one", I ended up making out with her sister only to find out she had a boyfriend. Her sister didn't and tried to console me after I got disappointed. Then I started dating her kind of reluctantly (she wasn't my first choice), but soon after I found this playful girl who likes video games and singing and playing around and she had a ballet dancer kind of slim figure (ultra flexible) which wasn't as eye-catching as a girl with big boobs and bum, but in the bedroom, she was unbelievable.

      So that's how I knew she was the "one" (though not the one I ended up marrying, I married the second "the one", for the first "the one" I ended up screwing it up by arguing with her and acting immature).

  • I asked my grandfather and he said "you will just know"

  • ther'es no such thing as the one.. just "The one right now"

    • everytiem i've been in love i thought "This was the one"