Would you rather have to go through the pain of giving birth, or the anxiety & potential rejection of proposing marriage?

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  • I'd rather have to propose, regardless of whether the proposal was rejected or accepted
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  • If the proposal involved the heartbreak and humiliation of being rejected, I'd rather give birth
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  • I'm not a woman so I can never experience giving birth, but I'd rather give birth than dealing with that heartbreak.
    The end result of birth is soooo much more rewarding. It's a pain that's replaced by years of happiness.


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  • Go through a painful childbirth, because once the pain was eventually over i would have a beautiful baby to love and take care of... he/she who would be worth every second of the pain i went through. Seeing my baby would make me instantly forget about the pain :)


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  • I don't really see what the big deal of a proposal is. I've only done it twice in my life, both times in a discreet setting, and it wasn't so scary. Plus I was already maybe 99% sure she'd say "yes".

    On the flip side, giving birth sounds awful. I don't wanna ever do it! It's good to be a guy.

  • The equivalent for child birth for dudes is more so the expectation by society to work to pay for your child, feed him, clothe him, provide a roof over his head, by him toys, buy him books, ice cream, trips to the zoo and science museum, pay for his college education, etc.. The list is extensive and it would take 18-20 something years to document it all. Women just need to eat and push out a baby. Both are responsible for giving guidance and spending time. A man is expected to pay for everything even if they divorceā€¦ It's easy to get fat then it is to slave for 18 years. Count your blessings and stop with the bullshit comparisons.

    • "The
      birth pangs make all men the debtors of all women.
      The man is a poor creature who does not realize
      the infinite difficulty of the woman s task, who does
      not realize what is done by her who bears and rears
      the children ; she who cannot even be sure until the
      children are well grown that any night will come
      when she can have it entirely to herself to sleep in.
      I abhor and condemn the man who fails to rec
      ognize all his obligations to the woman who does
      her duty [as a mother]." - Theodore Roosevelt

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    • Retire early? What?

    • You heard me.

  • Childbirth then you have a child.

    • Did you vote on the poll?

  • Lmao simple solution, don't propose and keep her having to work for you and keep you happy. Win!

  • I don't actually view either as a negative.

    • Why not? Lol

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    • A privilege? Tell me more

    • Its an opportunity to bond and feel close to your child that men never get. (Nor do all women get it). I don't 'wish i was a woman' at all, but if i could have carried my kids male seahorse style, would i have? Yeah definitely. And my wife was really, really sad to stop breastfeeding each time, it was such a close time for her to hold them and feel physically close and know she was nurturing them and providing what they wanted and needed.

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  • Well, since I am the girl...