How does it feel when you get married?


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  • My wedding day was wonderful. marriage can be stressful but it is amazing too. You know you have someone to go to if there is a problem. You work together as a team. I am living on my own for the first time in my life but my husband has done it already and so he knew what to expect. He has helped me a lot. Take the time to enjoy yourselves as couple never stop dating your spouse. The moment you stop dating them it feels like they don't care. Do little romantic things for them like grab them and start dancing in the living room or cook them dinner


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  • Like on the wedding day?

    First the priest in the church tried to get us to rehearse very briefly and asked me to walk in a certain way, then I did it all slow when the wedding music and he said, "You can walk a bit faster, we're not on the moon." Then everyone was trying not to laugh during the ceremony, said "yes", she said "yes", gave her kiss, grabbed her bum while I was doing it.

    I had a bit too much champagne at the party, little bit fuzzy, but I gave a huge speech that I'm not sure made any sense but made a few girls cry. Mostly it was very happy and fun.

    Then sex in hotel room, pretty nice.

    • then I did it all slow when the wedding music [came on]

    • I think for my speech I talked about raping and pillaging a bit and said that my wife would be my favorite rape victim even if she belonged to the enemy. I think that's when I got a few girls to cry saying it's the sweetest thing they ever heard.

  • I have no idea. I am never getting married!.