What was she thinking?

OK, so I was at the library just an hour ago. As I was getting ready to leave, I walked up to this girl (whom I know somewhat) and began to engage in some small talks. Every time that I elicited a response from her to build a rapport, she just had this little smile, made a long reply, asking me some questions and proceeded to stare down at her textbook. She was smiling and giggling whenever I spoke, and when I walked with her, she went into the bathroom. I left at that point.

So what do you guys/gals think that she was thinking? What should I have done?

a.) Go away you creep, I'm trying to study.

b.) I'd like to chat, but I feel like everybody's eyes are on me right now.

c.) I have a boyfriend/husband. Nice try kid.

d.) I like to play hard to get.

e.) None of the above

I need to start making fun of her next time so that I can generate more satisfying responses.


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  • e. none of the above - She was probably thinking - "That was a big waste of time." She was probably standing there waiting for you to ask her out and trying not to p*ss herself. Girls drink liquid and have bladders. She can't wait around all day while you work up the nerve to ask her out. If you like her, ask her out. If she says "no", don't worry; that won't be the last time you hear "no." It's like a ripping off band-aid - "just ask her and get it over with."


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  • well from wha you said its really hard to tell whas going on with her, if she's all giggly and keeps avoidin eye contact with you its because she likes you and askin you questions jst means she's into you and wants to kno more bout u. on the other hand her going to the bathroom to me is like she's tryin to get away from u. did she say anythin when she went in? how long before you left?


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  • e) You are not natural. She knows your objective.

    The trick is to be natural the first time. Then make an approach, not the opposite. Don't act like if you're interested but ask question that it's not related to your interest. Act like if you're not interested, then show it.

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