He wants a contract marriage?

I've been with my boyfriend who's a marine for over a year. He was recently reassigned so instead of 300 mi apart we now live nearly 700 miles apart but we talk everyday. However visiting has become more difficult. He has assured me he loves me with all his heart but this week he asked me to contract marry him - for his benefits and if it doesn't work out cool. It wouldn't be a real marriage, just on paper.

He says when he's ready he'd still propose to me and we'd have a real marriage, not just a courthouse thing but I'm still really hurt.

Is it wrong of me to feel like he cheapened the entire idea of marriage and to feel really cheated? Why would he ask for a fake marriage if he loves me with all his heart?


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  • hi

    i also belong to armed services and being a soldier ,i can understand why he asked for the contract marriage for ?

    he actually wanted to get monetary benefits for being married and wanted to get paid from marine corps service.

    Now here is one problem?

    problem is why he z asking for contract marriage and why he is not going into the real one " probably my reply to this question is that he is still not sure that he wanted to marry with you or not or still he loves you or not"

    there is simple and straight solution... just ask him once for all that marry me or just leave me...you shall see the result...

    believe me I am from the same department but from other country and I also some time remains away form my Girlfriend but that doesn't mean that you start behaving in a rubbish way...

    just do it or suffer with pain ,



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  • well, if he's your boyfriend and he asked for a fake marriage, it's totally wrong, but in some case people paid someone (a friend or some one they don't know to have a fake marriage for the paper with a fee). on that case I consider it different as long as they did it in a good way. people deserve to get a better life, so they took that way for a better life. on that case you should ask your boyfriend if he really loves u. hope this could give you an answer


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  • I don't see why he'd want to be "married" to you on paper, but not for real.

    If he really loves you, he'll be willing to wait.

    It's not wrong to be hurt. Marriage is supposed to be a sacred and sincere thing, and cheapening it like that is taking lightly what should be taken seriously.