I saw my mom looking at engagement/wedding rings yesterday?

I've been with my boyfriend for about 7 months. We know we're going to get married, but it's just a matter of when. For Valentine's Day, he got me a cute little ring with a red Ruby on it. He said I could wear that when we get married on my right hand :) He also told me he still has the day picked out & everything for when he'll propose, it's not going to be in summer & it'll either be this year or next year.

Last night I saw my mom looking at some really fancy rings on her laptop. Her & my dad are happily married, so I know she wasn't looking for any bling.

Could she possibly be giving him ideas? Or maybe he'll propose soon? He wants to finish college & have a job, so I know it won't be until at least May. But considering we only have about 3-4 months of summer where I live... I'm trying not to get to excited.


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  • i think your mom was looking at rings for herself. Dating only 7 months is a little short, I would wait at least a year and half before i see a ring.


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