In a marriage without sex, is there love? (Real stories of yours or other's, please. Must specify if it's your theories)?

Q: In a marriage without sex, is there love?

(Real stories, please. Can be what you've heard, not yours. Theories are welcomed, but please specify, as I'm looking for the reality answer.)

I learned that in some marriages of over 10 years, the wives stopped having sex with their husbands, because of the kids, fatigue, etc. Whatever the reasons are.

Now, I wonder, in those marriages without sex, does love still exist? Some of those men would have their "friends with benefits" to have sex with, but still maintain close relationship with their wives. (For example, if a wife is texting and calling the husband all day long, even interfering his work, he doesn't get irritated at all, and texts back all day long.)

(1) If those women love their husbands - which seem to be the case from the men I know of - how is it possible that they wouldn't want to physically connect with their husbands via sex?

According to scientists and psychologists, women express their love through words, and men express their love through action. So does it mean that even without sex, those women still love their husbands?

In my ideal world, a woman who loves her husband will want to kiss him, and which often leads to sex, due to being in the emotional state for sex. Still, I'm a single, so I don't really know what the reality of marriage is.

(2) How about the husbands? Do they love their wives?

It's maybe due to other frequent conflicts in their marriage, or solely the lack of sex that makes the husband not love his wife as much as before, or both.

How is it possible that a man could have sex with another woman on a regular basis, if he loves his wife?

Wouldn't he feel guilty or sorry to his wife for having sex with another woman? Although I understand that his wife hasn't fulfilled his sexual needs for a long time, and the husband might feel "justified" having sex with

"with another woman"?

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  • There is still love, but it is being strangled. It is very lonely to have your wife repeatedly refuse sex for no reason other than "not in the mood."
    On top of this, its demasculating as a man to have to "beg" for sex, and any sex he recieves to feel like pity sex.

    Over time, men are first hurt, then angry, then resentful, then quiet.

    The love is still there, but it is buried under a heap of emotional turmoil.

    • Sorry, hit submit bu accident...

      Anyways, in that situation, i dont think i would be able to cheat. Id more likely push for separation. Tbat being said. I know a couple men in that exact situation. They cheat and some feel terrible, Some feel relief for feeling loved again.

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