Getting married soon! Anybody have tips for the night of my wedding?

I'm looking for tips for the night of my wedding.. we have been dating for nearly 3 years now and we are getting married in a few shorts months! Needing tips to spice things up a little!


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  • Start sexing up the word "wife", and the whole marriage idea... NOW.


    When you give him That Look, throw in something like "Come here and kiss yr wife."

    Randomly grab his left hand, when it's least expected, and suck on THAT finger, like yr giving him a blowjob. Like it just turns you on that much, to be marrying him.
    Because it SHOULD.

    If yr having sex already, start wearing white things to bed.
    When he finishes inside you, tell him, "Cum inside yr wife." If you've got yr engagement ring on, slip THOSE fingers suggestively into yr mouth while he finishes inside you.

    Have him take pictures of you, in the same naughty white things. Pose for him in the filthiest poses you can imagine. Then sext him the photos at random times, or leave them open on his desktop for him to find, with messages like "I can't wait..."

    You get me.


    If you do this well enough, then, just THINKING about marriage will make you and/or yr boy horny -- for the rest of yr whole lives together.

    You can make marriage the hottest thing in this whole world, and you can keep it that way, forever. Even through the tough times.

    Trust me.



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  • Don't be disappointed if you're both so tired that you don't have the energy for even a quickie! Our wedding and reception was big, lasted well after the dinner and dancing, both of us were dead tired after from the day. For me I guess the stress of wanting everything to be perfect added to me being tired too. Our wedding night we just snuggled and held each other, it was better than any sex we'd had before or since! It was just so sweet and bonding, I loved it. Don't feel pressured to have sex just because it's your wedding night, if you're tired he's probably tired too. To me (him tomorrow) tired sex is just sex, not the time of mutual bonding it could be.

    Now, in the morning, we both were more than rested enough for some really hot sex if that's what you're talking about! Just let things happen, let it be natural. The setting should already be romantic, maybe add some chocolates champagne and fruits to feed each other between rounds to make it sweet and fun. The shower or tub can be fun making sure everywhere is really clean.

  • I don't have tips I just wanted to say Congratulations! I hope you have a delightful marriage!

  • you know you don't have to do something sexual the first night right away and you'd probably be tired from the party.
    depends on the location? will you stay at a hotel or go right away on honeymoon? etc