If you are in relationship what you want from his/her?

If you are in relationship what you want from his/her? Love, trust, protection, freedom, or only full fill your sexuality.

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  • I am in a relationship. What do I want from my boyfriend?
    I want to be with someone who is my best friend, who I can fully trust and feel a sense of security in being with. To know that I'll feel protected, yet not so much as that I'm a whole different person when around hem.

    Feeling sexually satisfied in being with him is important, basically essential, as well.


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  • I'm not in a relationship, but when I am... I want love, romance, commitment, adventure, understanding, willingness, ambition, respect, and humor

  • I'd want to be able to trust him with my heart.

    Mutual respect.

    I'd want him to become my closest friend not just my husband. So we can work at resolving any problems that life throws at us.

    Emotional security is paramount to me.


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