Girls, What if your boyfriend proposed and you were unsure things would work. What would you say/do?

You know him very well and you like him, but he hasn't captured your heart. Now he's proposing.

What would you do?


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  • Don't say yes. Just say you care about him but the timing isn't right. It's not fair to string him along, especially if he's that into you and you aren't into him much at all. But it's also not fair to say yes in hopes that later on you'll feel stronger about it. You have the right to say no, not right now, it's too soon, just try to be gentle.


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  • I think about that all the time. I love my boyfriend and in my heart I want to be with him forever. But the bought of him proposing scares me, since we do talk about marriage a lot. It's like, do I really see myself being happy with him forever"? Is he marriage material?

    It's hard... If this has happened to you, just really think about it. Are u happy? Years from now, can you see yourself still happy?

    • This hasn't happened to me, but the scenario had crossed my mind while I was in a long term relationship. The idea felt quite probable because we got on pretty well but, to me, something always seemed to be missing.

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