Controversial proposal. Going to ask her parents for their blessing but?

So I am going to propose to my girlfriend soon in a month or two. But I wanted to go ahead and ask her parents for their blessing and get it out of the way. I have known them for a while. Spend Thanksgiving with them, went to her grandma's funeral. And they like me. I think. But the problem is that they are a bit on the Republic side. Nothing's wrong with that. But I am a guy from India and well I don't have a legal status. I am basically what you might call an illegal immigrant. My girlfriend knows that and her parents know that and they seem cool with it. But the problem is. I am going to ask them for the blessing and what if they are like ask me how are you gonna become legal? I don't really have a way to become legal other than marrying a citizen. Now pls believe me when I say that I am not marrying her because of that, I am marrying her because I love her, want to have a family with her and want to make her mine. And they know that that's how I can become legal. I know they'll be protective. I would be if I was in their situation. I just don't know what to do. What if they ask me that question. Imagine how awkward would that be. Obviously that's not the reason I am marrying her for. Any advice?


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  • They won't or else they would be against you being her boyfriend and if they do tell them exactly what you said now ! just be honest :)


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  • Do you have a job where you could be stable? And show the parents you won't be living off of her?

    • Ofcourse. I have a good job and starting my own business very soon

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