I slept with a married coworker?

At a work party, she drank too much so I decided to drive her home. I decided to let her rest at mine, as I did not want her husband or kids to see her drunk. I let her sleep on my couch. She texted her husband saying that she was sleeping at a female friend's house. Then, after I went to bed, she crawled in bed with me and started to cuddle with me. We kissed then had sex.

A few weeks later, I slept with her again after her 2 kids went to see her children and her husband went on a business trip to Italy.

I am single and she is married with 2 kids, so what do I do now?


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  • I think, you should back off, don't get more involved than you are, what are you expecting? she has already a family, for my opinion i'm not judging you or her, but don't be the reason the be that guy that people cheats their husbands with, don't be the one to blame for such things, don't be the reason of a divorce.

    • thanks for MHO and I hope that you resolve your problem :)

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  • She is breaking a promise. You aren't. You are no angel, but, her actions are much, much wronger than yours.

    She is raising children with this man. If you have any respect for the role of parents in the life of children, then, keep this secret a secret. Take it to the fucking grave with you, if necessary.

    If you continue to see her, then, at least one of you will probably form a romantic attachment to the other, and that's where shit will get REALLY messy REALLY fast -- and you may even find yourself at grave risk of personal harm, depending on the husband's personal style of revenge.
    Is that risk worth it?
    If not, cut it off now, and just savor the memories.

  • Don't do it again, even if she wants to badly. It's not going to end well

  • Don't sleep with her again. This will not end well for anyone.


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