Guys, How would you react if your girl proposed to you?

Would you want her to?
Would you think she's desperate?
Would you say yes?

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I just realized someone else asked this not but an hour ago.
Im asking because my boyfriend keeps mentioning marriage.
The other day we were in the car and a commerical for a wedding expo came on and he said "hey look the radio is talking to us"
He's mentioned other wedding/marriage related things as well. I don't know if thats hints.

My friend suggested I should propose to him. That perhaps my boyfriend is ready but is shy. The way he mentioned I should do it was adorible. But.


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  • I wouldn't think it's desperate but I wouldn't want her to do that.
    I've always imagined that I'd be the one asking, kind of kills the moment for me.

    • Can you read my edit and give me some advice? Thanks

    • Him mentioning marriage doesn't mean he wants you to ask him.
      Sounds like he's trying to see what you think of the idea of marriage, basically he wants to know where you see the relationship going.

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  • If we had discussed being married and agreed that we wanted to pursue marriage then I would not mind, but I would also like to propose :)

    • Can you read my edit and give me some advice? Thanks

    • I think he is hinting at marriage for sure if he is saying stuff like this. The two of you should have a serious conversation about marriage and if that is truly the direction you both feel the relationship should go and is a natural next step. It is a big decision and should be discussed before considering proposals. So my advice would be to have a conversation with him to see if you both see marriage to each other in the future and how far or close that step is or should be

  • I'd be ok with it

  • Even if I would say no, I will be touch by her great feelings for me :3

    • Can you read my edit and give me some advice? Thanks

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    • he's got a good job.
      Still lives at home.
      His financial situation is pretty damn good.
      [in the tens of thousands good]
      I dont want anything expensice when/if we marry [and he knows this] so from a financial point it shouldn't be an issue.
      His parents claim to like me [so he says] so i dont think thats an issue.

      The only thing i could see stopping is not ready to commit to me but things he says/do say other wise.

      The only thing I could think of is what my friend said and he's too afraid/shy

    • I think you two should talk, if you're going to get engaged, you need to be honest with each other, and be clear on what you want from the relationship

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