Why can't I find a decent girl?

I'm just gonna be completely honest, I never had a relationship with someone and yes I'm a virgin. I'm actually proud of it since I am capable to wait for the right person which will definitly be my wife. I'm aware in a society like this its quite rare too for a male to be like this which just shows what my character and my personality is. The thing is I'm a naive shy person and I am kind of closed because I don't or can't express my emotions to everyone because I'm a man. Which why I always tend to be silent. I think I'm mature enough to think about marriage now because I totally understand the comittment part and being able to take care of someone emotionally because all my life I haven't shown my emotions truly to no one. Everyday it just keep building and building.

Rather than being silent I'm trying to talk more to girls to see if that special one is near, but everytime I find someone its the complete opposite of me, they are girls who flirt with bunch of guys and probably had bunch of relationships. I don't look at the apperance of a girl rather I look more into the character but I just can't find a decent girl that has one. This definetly doesn't mean there isn't but the question is why can't I find it, where can I find a decent girl with a nice character that deserves my love?

probably asking this question at a wrong place first of all...


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  • first of all, you sound like a decent human being~ good on you.

    second, where are you meeting women? since you're interested in a lasting relationship, you likely won't find that at bars or clubs~ try special-interest groups (like an art class or the gym- at least you'll know you have one thing in common) or online dating.

    perhaps another option would be to consider older women as well (maybe not my age, but like 23-25), since they're more likely to be ready for that kind of commitment.

    about the emotions thing~ exposing that side of yourself isn't easy, but the right person should inspire and encourage you to be open and honest, both with her and with yourself.

    best of luck, and i hope you find what you are looking for!


    • lol I don't drink so I can't even recall how close I have been by a club or a bar. It is mostly in school where I try to see if anyone is decent but yea my peers are all out drinking and "enjoying" their young ages. Even though I sound like a guy who is in his mid 20s I will still want a girl that at least same age as me or like 2 3 years smaller than me because I think that the men has to be more experienced in protecting and taking care of the women.

      thanks so much for your opinion though it means a a lot. I will try to be more active in the right places rather than just at school.

    • you're welcome :)

      if you're in university or college, most schools have a ton of clubs available to join~ check and see which ones yours offers. good luck!

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  • Lets be honest here. Were human, we aren't perfect, and really were all a little complicated but we want simple things. We all want the same things really, love, acceptance, a spouse, success etc. There are decent girls, in fact you can be a decent girl and flirt with other men. Sounds like you want a dream girl but news flash buddy the girl you marry is probably going to be flawed. Part of the reason you may see guys taking all of the decent girls in your area could be because they were more confident and had more experience; which isn't to say they were a more quality guy but theyve just been around the block. People fall in love, out of love, divorces happen, spouses die... itsnt all perfect and dandy. My best advice is lower your standards find a girl who makes you enjoy being on this earth more and makes you happy to wake up and speak to her and date her. Dont be super judgmental of her past, if she makes you happy, you adore her, you accept her, support her love her what difference does it make that she had to take a couple of trips down the wrong path before finally meeting you?

    • Also im sorry for the late response in my message. My phones being super laggy right now haha ill reply back later

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    • You can't control the future. People die, shit happens, things take an unexpected turn when you least expect it. But good on you, you'll probably meet her eventually

    • Yea you can't control the future but a person should control himself or herself for a better future. Hopefully soon because I need someone right now

  • Tbh perhaps you haven't really looked enough.

    I know for sure there are many decent girls out there.

    You are probably looking in the wrong place.

    I would suggest to travel more. Not for the purpose of finding the one lol but I noticed the more you travel and explore the more people you bump into.

    • What is a right place? I'm trying to observe better now but every girl around me is just not worth it. You're right with traveling thing, I think I have to talk more.

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    • I know but thats basically it I mean those are the girls at and I don't see girls that much out of school. So maybe I have to get into a better crowd.

    • yep, that's it 😊

  • You're not looking in the right places

    • where can I look? where can a girl with a decent character will be?

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