My Ma wants me to start looking at venues for a wedding & going to weddings/receptions to "get ideas." She says she knows nothing?

My boyfriend & I have been dating for awhile. He's finishing up Pharmacy school & will graduate in May (13th). He knows he wants to marry me & has everything planned out... it's just a matter of when. He told me @ VDay, after he gave me a ring for my right hand, that it'll either be this yr or next yr.

The other day I thought I saw my Ma looking at wedding/engagement rings & this past weekend, she told me I should start thinking about venues & stuff. Today she asked me why inwasnt wearing my high school class ring. I told her I was waiting to wear my VDay ring (it's getting resized.) "Why not wear it on your left hand... good practice!"

Is she just blowing smoke? Do Moms do that? I guess women do... so yeah... I don't know. She says she "knows nothing." -_-

This past weekend my bf's sister brought up weddings too... asking me if she'd be in my wedding...& his folks want me to go to FL w/ them in May (20-30) too... like really bad. They've had it planned, but it makes me wonder...


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  • From everything you describe, it comes across to me, like you're being pushed around/controlled. Your mother telling you what to do about a "potential" wedding. Your boyfriend telling you how he as Everthing planned out for the wedding, and your bf's parents basically telling you to go on a vacation with them after your boyfriend graduates. Finally, toss in your bf's sister basically insisting on being a part of the wedding that you have yet to say you're ready for!

    I hope you and your boyfriend have done some planning for this wedding. I hope YOU have had some decisions made for it too. You may not have set a date yet, but what your mother says is correct about "considering" places for a wedding now. Nothing's in concrete yet. Take advise, but please don't let people push you around when it comes to YOUR wedding. Stand up for what you want (within reason).

  • What is your question?

    • Is my Ma just talking weddings bc my boyfriend is going to propose soon, or just for the hell of it?

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    • Why do people say I'm "lost in the mix"? I have ideas for a wedding, don't get me wrong... I just wanna know WHEN!!! :( if it'll be this year or not... frustrating...

      What exactly does "lost in the mix" mean?

    • Lost on the mix = overlooked, ignored, forgotten

      It sounds like your mother and boyfriend have it all planned out and you simply need to make an appointment to get your hair done the day before. Here is a clue, an insight for you: how you and your boyfriend work together on planning your wedding is a preview of how you will work together after you are married. Pay attention!

  • Mom was likely stabbing at the dark


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