Ideas on how to propose?

I'm not very romantic... My idea of romance is watching Spaceballs while eating Chinese food.

I need help help coming up with realistic ideas that are sweet but not dramatic cuz neither of us like a spectacle.

weve been together over 2 years and we both know we want to get married and have a life together. He's perfectly flawed in all the right ways that we balance each other out perfectly...

... so... HELP! Any ideas please help :) Just spotted the perfect engagement rings in a store window by pure serendipity and plan to propose this year, but don't know how to go about it. Thanks!!


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  • Don't get out of your wheel house mate.
    Do what comes natural, put the ring in a pokeball and throw it at him and yell "I chose you!"

    Whatever is special to you, and natural will be perfect.


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  • Yeah, don't.

    Why buy the cows when the milk is free? Not a single girl in this generation is marriageable. I've been in the business world. There are plenty of young 22-25 year old interns that fuck everyone. Marriage is dead and women killed it. Women aren't women anymore. They're disposable fucktoys. Watching a man get married is like watching a man buy a heavily used rental car and pretending to be happy about it.

    • oh how sweet, you actually took time to look at my profile... "old bag"? you crack me up, kid. Apparently, the only way you can defend yourself is by acting antagonistic. yeah sure, I'm 37 and much older and wiser than you. What you think of me could not be less important.
      Anyway. Since women are so utterly terrible and useless to you, I really hope that you find yourself a good boyfriend someday, where you can be happy and content. <3

    • Lol I'm queer. Dude proposing to another dude here.

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