My boyfriend is engaged to someone else?

hey, I just want advice. I feel really depressed and hurt right now as I'm writing but hey got to let my feeling out.

So I just found out my boyfriend is engaged to someone else p. I got told by my best friend today and she even said the exact date when he got engaged to his girl. Like how can someone do that, I have cut all ties with his through social media and phone. I never sent him a message telling him why I did because I feel like I've just been used.

I'm pregnant too which is worse, he doesn't know yet. I can raise this child on my own. But I just need advice.


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  • Wow that's a super shitty situation. I always wonder where all these guys find the time to have multiple girls and spend time with them and make sure nothing comes out. I'm a pretty lazy person, that would be too much work for me :P. As for advice hmm, this is tough. Are you sure you want to do this without any child support? I'm sure that would come in handy. I don't know it seems you've alredy made the decision to keep the baby, not to tell him and to raise it by yourself so what do you need advice on exactly?

    • Advice on how I can at least how can I approach him and ask him why, then I'll drop the I'm pregnant but I know he'll deny.

    • You don't need to ask him why, I thinkhis actions speak quite clearly, he's a douche and he was screwing around, pretending to be your boyfriend and pretending to be the other girls fiance. I wouldn't give him the benefit of the doubt or whatever, it often surprises me how women seem willing to give a guy more chances listen to excuses when he's clearly not a trustworthy person. It also doesn't matter if he deny's beeing the father a court will do a paternity test and he's gonna be obligated to pay you if that's what you want. I would tell him in advance though just out of courtesy (not that he deserves it).

    • ^ agreed. You don't ask why. You go get a blood test and show him, then say you're aware of his FiancĂ© and he should tell her. Say its up to him whether he wants to be a part of the childs life and unless it concerns the child you do not want contact with him anymore.

  • Break up with him.


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  • You need to tell him you are pregnant.. as hard as this is for you there is someone out there who also deserves to know and was planning on spending the rest of her life with this guy. It's not fair on either of you.. you certainly got the short end of the stick, you now have a part of him that will be with you forever. Believe me being a Mum is bloody hard work. I take my hat off to any single mum out there but if you have a chance for him to be involved in the kids life then you could help it- also remember this child has another set of grandparents other than yours and other family. I'm sorry you are going through this but doing it alone is not the answer. I hope you can find it in your heart to let him know and make his own decision to be a part of his childs life and if he doesn't tell the FiancĂ© (giving him the opportunity to tell her first) I would be telling her myself.
    Sending big love your way and although it may not seem like a happy time congratulations, they are a huge responsibility but babies are awesome. X

    • Thanks love, much love and great advice thanks xo