Your wedding day?

So I have a few questions I wanna ask about weddings :)

1.) Would you like to be asked or your partner? (Be it boy or girl who asks you)
2.) Have you ever asked someone to marry you?
3.) Have you ever been rejected by the question? - If so how did you feel/react?
4.) What would be your perfect wedding?
5.) Where would you have it?
6.) What is the age you'd like to get married at?
7.) How much would you spend on your wedding?
8.) What traditions would you have?
9.) What music would you play?
10.) What flowers would you have?
11.) What is something you would hate to happen that day?
12.) Who would you invite?
13.) How long should you wait until you set the wedding date?
14.) Is their a thing of to many bridesmaids/grooms?
15.) What kind of cake do you want?
16.) How would you choose your Maid of honor/Best man?
17.) Would you get a professional photographer?
18.) Would you get your make upi professionally done?
19.) Any special words/advice to give to the bride. groom?
20.) Would you have a themed wedding?

You don't have to answer all of them
Just a number and your answer if you like,
I'd like to hear from you :)


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  • 1.) Yes, I want to be asked by him.
    2.) No
    4.) Very intimate. Just a ceremony and a reception. Some pictures taken in between. Nothing more.
    5.) My guy and I love nature, so outside.
    6.) We are planning to have a registered partnership, which is almost the same as a marriage. I want to get married someday, but when? When we have more money to spend.
    7.) I want it to be as cheap as possible
    9.) Some music that my guy and I listen to. The Beatles and things like that. And perhaps my dad could play with his band.
    10.) I don't know. I love roses...
    11.) That my grandparents and other family would make a fuzz that they couldn't come. We had a huge fight, and even though I made up with them, they still hate my mother.
    12.) My parents, my brother, my uncle and aunt with their 2 children, sister of my grandfather, and 2 of my friends. For entertainment my dance group and my music orchestra.
    14.) I'm not planning to have brides maids. Or my nieces (from my guy his brother) would want to. Then those 2 girls.
    15.) Vegan cake. My guy and I are vegan and having a lot of food allergies.
    16.) We don't have that in my country.
    17.) One of the dance group makes pretty good pictures.
    18.) No. I would make myself up as always.
    20.) No.

    I have to say that in my country, we don't throw parties and weddings as big as in America. We don't have something like a maid of honor and things like that.
    In my country, we have a wedding, make pictures, and have a reception with music. That's it.