Girls, How to find a white American girl or British girl to marry?

wanna find a white girl to be my wife. Wish to find her---my white wife, but where are you?

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  • Yet again another foreign guy wishing only to get a passport to free movement.. Married one day, completely disappears the next.

    • Absolutely not,SolitaireBond,i will love her forever. A most-loved one who i married is never apart. We will share the last moment we have.

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  • Why does she have to be a white American or British female? Why not any nationality? Why not any skin colour? What an absurd question.

    • Hello, my friend, not absurd at all,in my childhood i sworn i have to find a white girl,something of the natural likings and wishes,but i dont know how to realise

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    • But why British or American? Why these two particular countries? Nothing to do with that we're two of the wealthiest and most powerful countries in the world? Nothing to do with that films portray these countries as where people live in nice houses etc. Let me fill you in on a wee secret, your average American and Brit isn't any richer than you, we all live average lives and work hard. Britain seems to be a target as we have the benefit system which is abused. Perhaps you should concentrate on living life and finding a nice girl from where you're from and admire "white American/British girls from afar.

    • But i really like Brit or American girl, I had one from England, but lost touch later. I am so sad. Dear friends.

  • Indian?
    Well... travel and see where you find one.

    I'm guessing in their countries.

    • Sally,only white girl is accepted,haha. If you,Sally,would like to be one who i am looking for,much appreciattion i will offer and i am so lucky.

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    • Well Indian girls are close to you. Maybe try going there. =)

    • white is only, i like,haha

  • American white women usually look like this

    so i say stick with european swiss women or russian

  • I, don't, know, maybe learn, the language, first and, communicate , better. ?

  • Just talk to her, respect her, to go after a trampt, go after a keeper and be persistant

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