Being Virgin oneself how to get rid of wife's sexual past which consist of multiple partners some of whom you have to encounter frequently in ur life?

How to get rid of the feeling of comparison, the images that flashes whenever she comes near, insecurities, n how to face her exes when you happen to see them ( provided you come to know about them after the marraige)? please reply Honestly if interested.


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  • Honestly, you have to accept that just because you are are inexperienced that it doesn't mean your wife should be too. Sex is natural and some people are more open to having multiple partners, but ultimately there is no reason for you to compare yourself. She is with you for a reason, and while you may not be experienced you have one thing that those people don't have: a real relationship with a woman you love. That means you two have a long time to learn more about each other intimately to make your experiences with one another unique and wonderful. There's no reason to worry about it too heavily.

    • Thnk you so much... ur opinion made me feel little relief... but how to get rid of those thought n situations in reality?

    • Honestly by rationalizing it in your head exactly as I did. Ask yourself WHY it matters. Why does it? Because it's actually a problem or because you're self conscious? It's because you're self conscious, which is a curable problem.

    • Thnk you

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  • She picked you, she wanted you, she chose you so why does that other stuff even matter? If she didn't have her past she may not have become the person you fell in love with, just like if you had made different choices you may not have become "you", the way you are now... the guy she loves and wants to be with. She may have been able to make it work with those other guys but she didn't... they weren't you... I think that's the way to think of it. You shouldn't be jealous of anyone, if anything they should be jealous of you!

    • Thnk you... I know many people give such suggestion... but in reality its not easy to think that way to forget... there has to be some other way to get rid of it...

    • You have to change your mind set. It's do-able, I've even done it.

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  • You should have either tried to find a girl equally as inexperienced as you or made a point to gain experience before settling down.

    Did you know about her past before you married her?