How to tell my conservative dad about my bisexual boyfriend?

I recently began dating a friend who is openly bisexual. I like him a lot, and it took a lot of thought, but I'm comfortable with his sexuality. We talked about it extensively before we decided to go out. Today, I told my mom that we were dating (she knows he's bi) and, even though she's quite liberal, she said she didn't quite know how to feel about him being bi. I asked how she thought my dad would take it, and she didn't respond...that made me nervous! I want to tell my dad tonight or soon, but I just don't know how to do it.

A few people have responded that its not really important to tell my least not right away. Any thoughts on this? I guess it's an okay option,

...but I would like to be honest with my dad. He'll probably figure it out, and I don't want to seem like I'm hiding anything or that I'm ashamed.
update- I told my dad, and he actually ASKED me what my bf's sexual orientation was (keep in mind, they've met him before). I told him honestly that he is bi, and he was FURIOUS. But I took matthewm's advice and am currently just letting him cool off.


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  • Your father should probably know who you're dating. About it not being important that you tell your father. I can't necessarily agree with that. I CAN say that it isn't a requirement that your parents know about who you're dating, but I do encourage you to make them aware. Now, to get down to the question at hand, I would just use a calm and sincere approach and tell your father what you want to say. If your father makes a big deal out of it, don't engage in an argument--as it will only make matters worse for you and will cause unneeded drama.

    My advice: tell your father, but be cautious. be calm and sincere and don't engage in arguments or heated emotions (stay detached)/


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  • [ Bad Sarcasm ]

    They might already know each other, having an affair that your mother and you didn't know about. Now that's a way to "git 'er done" right there.. Underrrrrrr the radarrrrrrrrr

    [ End sarcasm ]

    Just tell your dad: "Dad, I'd like you to meet my new boyfriend, are you available".. He will respond yes in most cases.. Then your boyfriend steps up and offers his hand for handshake: "My name is john, and you are?" etc...

    meaning... DO NOT worry about telling your dad he is bi. It's none of your fathers information, if your cool with it, why bother your father with that information?

    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • I fail to see why that even has to come up. He's dating you, a woman, so why would anyone assume anything other than him being straight? To be frank, it's not really anyone elses business.

    • In my opinion, you're not being dishonest for not telling your dad every single detail about your boyfriend dear. If and when he becomes suspicious and asks you, just be honest at that point, and treat it as you would any other detail about him that your dad may or may not like. To most I wouldn't think it would make you seem like you were ashamed or hiding anything, simply that you accept him the way he is and felt it an insignificant detail not worth mentioning.

  • You don't need to tell him unless you plan to get married.


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