Post a song that you would want played for your husband/wife at your 80th anniversary party?


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    I wandered today to the hill, Maggie,
    To watch the scenes below,
    The creek and the creaking old mill, Maggie,
    As we used long alone.

    The green grove is gone from the hill, Maggie
    where first of daisies sprung,
    the creaking old mill is still, Maggie
    since you and i were young.

    They say i am feeble with age, Maggie,
    my steps are less sprightly than then,
    my face is a well written page, Maggie,
    but time along was the pen.

    They say we are aged and gray, Maggie
    As spray by the white breakers flung
    But to me you're are still as you were, Maggie
    When you and I were young.

    And now we are aged and gray, Maggie,
    and the trials of life, nearly done,
    let us sing of the days that are gone, Maggie,
    when you and i were young.


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  • Hah dude, by that point my memory'll be so fucked... I'll know I'm married, but there's NO WAY an old ho-bag like me could be married to this gorgeous thing in the bed next to me (I mean, shit, he looks 95... on a BAD day!)
    Soooo yeah, it'll be like having a hotttt raunchy naughty one-nighter every night.

    @tarvold shout-out for Aussie artist

    • hot raunchy naughty one-nighter every night at 100?

      Not doubting you could do it... oh, not at all... but just the thought... erm...

    • @Tarvold ikr, delicious huh? <3 <3
      c'mon, you know every damn part of me'll have a serial number by then anyway. i'll probably be perfect, dahlin' ::throws hair::

      that'll be 106, by the way, i'll have you know


    I was going to pick "You're still the one" by Shania Twain... But @Victorianne already posted it!

  • Honestly... Atm I can only think of R. Kelly lol. I want everyone to know I'm still laying it down on their grandpa😉 #YoungDumb&FullOfCum 😎

  • Lol I doubt we would be alive for our 80th anniversary!

  • Tighten up by the black keys

  • Googoo dolls- Iris