How do I push him without being "that" kind of wife?

I've been working a full time job for 2 years while my husband goes to school, now he's graduated and i want to start a family. He wants to join the air force eletrical enginering, and i think that is great i never have withheld him from doing what he wants especially if its regarding his career. I was raised old fashioned and i love it, i want to have a family and be home mst of the time so maybe have a weekend job or something but mostly stay at home cooking, cleaning, and being there for my husband when he gets home from work. anyways i dont want to be too pushy but how do i start the "im ready for a family" conversation? we talked breifly in the past that we want children. we have been married for 3 years and been together for 7. i bring up babies and how i can't wait to have one and he agrees but when we get home he's not open to talk he says he's tired or needs to do some catching up on reading so he doesn't lose what he was taught in school. i also dont want to be "that" kind of wife where i only care about my needs and not his and causes fights or find ways to get what i want i am NOT that type of person. how do i start this conversation? what should i say? im kinda scared he really doesn't want kids


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  • I don't know.. I think you have to find a time you're both relaxed and just happy. Then bring it up and see what he says. Im far from an expert but thats probably how ill approach the topic.


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  • Well waiting for the right time will never come. Thats true of any conversation you're dreading.

    Just bring it up as soon as convenient. I recommend opeing with something a bit more subtle than "I want you to put a baby in me". But more direct then "What are you doing for the next 20 years".

  • initiate it when both of you are in a happy, relaxed mood. talk to him about why having a baby at this period is good. I'm not sure... but I think you could initiate it after you both watch some cute movie involving family, kids, happiness and stuff. don't sound like you're doing this out of the cute feeling you got because of that movie. I'm just proposing. I'm unfit to answer this question because I'm not married. I hope everything goes perfect 😊 you guys are being together for a long time and he's your husband. he will definitely understand your feelings.


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