Was this person trying to get me not to meet him?

About a yr ago I ran into an old friend from HS on face book we hadn't seen or spoken to
one another in 10 years. I had asked him what he did for a living he said he was a cook
at a restaurant and asked where he never told me then he gets married and once again
never tells me. We never hung out but did work together back in 07 and would eat lunch
together in HS. I'm starting to believe people only want to be friends with me when they
need or want something but when it comes to meeting up or being invited to a wedding
I don't even get an invite. W'e're friends on FB so its no excuse not to have invited me to
his wedding. I'm a little pissed and hurt cause I thought he would at least invite me nope.


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  • I can understand why that would hurt you.

  • Yess

    • Do you think/believe he snubbed me on purpose?