How can I get my recent fiance, 3 year girlfriend, to come back to me

Today my girlfriend broke up with me. everything was perfect and I didn't understand at all. she just up and said its over. she said she doesn't want to miss out on all the things she's missing by having me. she said she don't want us anymore. she said she was tired of how I treated, which I didn't ever treat her bad. and not long ago she kept pushing me and pushing me to hurry up and propose to her so I did. I don't see why she done this and then just up and leaves me. any help will be good.

I need this girl so bad, its so hard not to keep texting her and calling her. someone please give advice.
i'm writing her a song then I'm going to rap it out for her and give it to her on a cd. sound like a possible answer?


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  • It is called the Law of attraction...

    By the will walk you to how to get her to want you... but be careful... it really works...

    Whatever you believe it will the words that come out of your mouth...

    Like attracts like!

    We are magnets and what comes to us... is up to us...not fate or destiny..

    If you want something you call on it! It is simple.

    Watch your positive don't complain not be negative and this whole experience I guarantee will change your life!

    Picture yourself with her being good to her... Always.

    If you really feel this it will be!

    I work with the secret and actually my fiance' used it on me... and I didn't like him...

    Be specific...Define everything...

    Always picture a genie standing before you and He's waiting for your words to command careful the universe knows not bad or good...

    The result will be up too you and the consequence be respectful of the universe and everything will turn out fine!

    The cds are by Rhonds Burn..listen to them in your ipod...or car...even when you wake up...always be grateful...

    I came to you ... like a magnet...I wanted to help people...

    I know this will work for it does for me!


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  • Don't waste your money on that bullsh*t. Actually, disregard that comment entirely.

    Sounds like she told you the truth. She just doesn't feel the attraction anymore. People change, guy. Their attractions and desires change as well. But trying to win someone back after they've ended the relationship is a pretty futile quest. Nobody wants to hear "move on and find someone else" as the answer, but that is the most beneficial and appropriate response in most cases.

    Listen, take the time you need to mourn the end of the two of you. Don't rush it, and expect a LOT of heartache. It comes with the territory. But you have to believe that this is over. You need to understand that hoping and wishing for a turn-around will not change anything. Most importantly, you have to do what is in YOUR BEST INTERESTS. That means taking care of you, first.

    Good luck, man. This is gonna suck. Tough it out.

    • Wow...hes sounds negative. Like he's gotten burned good. He probably deserved it with that attitude... When people judge others like he's judging me and my comment... I would be very concerned and aware of...

      He is giving you guy advice which is ok...but we need to grow up more than your basic locker advice. I went to a University for my AA in psychology and business.. and for my bachelors in Criminal Justice and turning over into my masters in Forensic Psychology. What does he do?lol

    • Well, he knows how to write a coherent sentence, which is important if one is going to brag about their education. Plus, he doesn't hock delusional self-help tapes on people who don't need them. See, that's "guy advice" for you, as opposed to the sales pitch above.