Will he say 'yes' to me?

So there's this male friend of mine that I could see myself having a happy and healthy relationship with. I heard that he's not really looking for a relationship/love but deep down wants one, but he just doesn't want to get hurt or hurt someone. Well we've hung out for a while, and were pretty comfortable around each other. I was hoping to start talking to him about deeper subjects and I was hoping to talk to him about love. What would he think of me if I told him what I think about relationships/love and that I would like to be in a relationship, and for once I would just like to make someone happy and have someone make me happy in return? What would he think if I proposed to him a relationship but that it doesn't entail that we HAVE to fall in love or anything; that we could just make each other happy; but I'd be totally fine if he said no/it wouldn't bother me if he said no. What would he think? I'm planning on hanging out with him a lot more and having deeper discussions with him so he can know the more personal things about me before I ask him. Do you think he might say yes after we hang out for a couple weeks? :)


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  • Of course, he would.


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