Feeling overwhelmed with wedding planning and tempted to have reception at parents house?

Wouldn't that just be the cheapest thing ever? It probably wouldn't even be possible with 130 people that are coming. What can I do to lessen the steps and make my wedding simple?

Stress* not steps


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  • wedding planning is stressful regardless of how large or small your wedding is. if you plan on having an event (ceremony and reception) it's stressful

    my wife and i enlisted friends to help with things, especially to lighten the financial burden. we had a friend do photos (she is a photographer for a magazine), we had my sister-in-law do decorating and what not (she is a huge DIY'er), we had my sister do flowers (she works in a garden so she started planting flowers we'd use during the spring for our fall wedding), my brother in law owns a restaurant and did all the food, my aunt has a catering company so we had a skeleton staff from them do the catering of meals and bartending

    it can also make things easier if you have the ceremony and reception in one place so you can eliminate the travel aspect. and if you do it at a venue they often have people who do a lot of the wedding coordinating, especial day of events coordination

    basically ideas to simplify things:
    1. enlist the talents of family and friends
    2. consider a single site for the ceremony and reception

    • are you going on a honeymoon right after or soon after the wedding?

    • Probably right after

    • for me one of the few things that could reduce the stress of planning or at least make it bearable to get through was to
      1. plan the honeymoon
      2. look forward to it

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  • It's not cost effective really , but you could hire a planner to do all the planning and prep for you

  • I say parents house! save $ put that into vacation or savings to reduce stress. it will be cozy and fun...

  • I guess that indeed 130 people at your parents' place may be unpractical or impossible.
    Except maybe if the garden is large enough for a large tent (or multiple ones). That may be the solution!
    Or, as a compromise maybe, making an agreement with a local farmer to be allowed to set up the tent in his field :D

  • just break it all into smalller steps and go from there.

    • well if your stressed you should be smiling and enjoying yourself. If you feel streessed just remember stress ages and maybe you will stop. Ether way now is not the time to get overwhelmed.

  • You can lessen the stress by remembering what's happening.

    You will get married.

    After the wedding is a reception. That means 'a party celebrating the wedding'. It's nice to have a party with your friends and family to celebrate a big event.

    You should remember though that this will not be the only party in your life. It will hopefully be a nice and enjoyable party. But it does not have to be (and can never be) 'perfect'. There will be other parties. IT's just to be nice and fun. The wedding itself is the unique part.

    The cheapest is to rent a space that's large enough and tell everyone to bring food and drinks.

    The next step up would be to rent a space, have a cash bar and order pizza.

    A step up from that would be to have catered food buffet style and enough alcohol. You would want a bartender (or two) for that many people.

    Catering companies can also often handle tables/chairs/dishes/plates, if the event location doesn't have them.

    If the location doesn't have a liquor license, you get an event permit, and you can hire companies that provide mix, glasses, bartenders. You then purchase the alcohol. Note that you can return unopened bottles. this combined is -much- cheaper than paying the marked up price on alcohol through a location that serves it.

    You really don't need much else (beyond looking nice, and arranging the ceremony). You put on a nice dress. He dresses nicely. I can comment more on what's actually traditional (and cheaper) there. You have the officiant or priest conduct the ceremony. You sign the marriage license. You need a big room (or in warm weather, a big tent). You need food and plates and drinks and ice. And the people you care about. That's it.


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  • You could definitely have a backyard wedding! I've seen some of those and they can be really cute and beautiful.

  • Wedding planners are expensive but it may be worth it to cut the stress out.