How can I increase my chance to hear the word (yes)?

Finally i got the courage to aske my girl to marry me, we are in distance relationship , i felt she was excited , but didn't want to say it so easily, then she asked me to give her time to think, and now 3 days passed without answer, so what shall i do to make her say yes? shall i keep texting her like before, more than before or stop texting her for couple days? pleas give me some advices to make our relationship keeps going good.


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  • you can't make a girl marry you. she may be totally into you and it just isn't the right time for her. but when it is the right time for both of you, you guys will know and a yes from her will come effortlessly. in the mean time i would just let her know that you meant it when you asked her to marry you but if it isn't something she wants now, or ever for that matter, that you would like to know and that whatever her answer is, it is okay. isn't it better to know the truth anyway than to force a yes out of her and possibly have a very unfulfilling marriage? good luck

    • i didn't mean in my question to force her, no one wants that, and sur i will give her the time she needs to think, but should i keep in touch with her or stop texting her for few time, i know she is busy these days, i want her to be comfortable not to bother her.

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