Is marriage outdated?

Here are my thoughts. I'd appreciate responses/other points of view

It seems to me that marriage, for a man, is really outdated for several reasons, and is based more than anything else on childish idealism

-When divorce rates are about 60% (although they have dropped a bit very recently because of bad economy), how does legally committing 50% of your life earning to another make sense.

-Furthermore, there are no standards of morality anymore, and its considered wrong to judge a woman for her past... so pretty much a man is dedicating all his money (lets be honest, its mostly the man who does) & his welfare to a woman who, when youthful and carefree, was out there giving herself to other guys... but now that she's jaded, with financial and emotional baggage & with her looks gone & shriveled... its the husband's turn?

I've worked hard to get to where I am. It doesn't make sense, given the state of women in our society today, to tie the not.

it just seems to me like a really crappy deal to get married, and the last woman to bring it up with me was a 27 year old divorce' with kids... I mean c'mon, REALLY?!



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  • it almost seems that way, because nowadays, it's very common for couples to be living with each other who are not married but they are just boyfriend/girlfriend.

  • This all depends on what your life goals are. Do you want to be the rich old playboy or do you want to have kids/grandkids?

    Certainly if money is all you want then never get married. But if you want kids and a family then to me marriage is a must.

    When I look at marriage today and the divorce rates I feel the the problem is people don't view marriage as a permanent step anymore. I don't want to get married unless I plan to be married for the rest of my life to that person. People don't always seem to share that opinion from what I've seen.

    • I don't know if people don't view marriage as a permanent step... its just that, in opinion, they forget that after the cute little cinematic snapshot of romance, there is 20, 30+ years to trudge through...

      But yea, wanting to have kids and a family is commendable, I'll give you that man. I guess if your goal is to have kids and raise them right, then settling down with some random chick that'd be a good mother isn't too bad.

      not for me though

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