How did you meet your husband/wife? How did you/he propose marriage?

My exact question is how and where did you meet each other, and after how long of knowing each other did you think of marriage. And how was it proposed :) :)
I am interesting to know


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  • I was room renting from landlord. Landlors girlfriend had a brother said my brother would think you hot... Met next day he had shrooms and we did and did the other thing and next few days he asked if I could be his girlfriend and I said yes this in 2010 I was 18 had kid at 22 been got married and still live together he is a great guy even though it was a one night c n fkuc


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  • I told it here last year:
    At the university, I did some deals in notes of courses. Selling notes I'd taken, typing them out, even buying notes from others and selling them with a profit. Thus for once I wasn't broke.

    I had decided to let go my girlfriend because she cheated a number of times on me and because our idea of a future life weren't the same. Then came a guy she fell in love with and she got pregnant by him. Thus we broke up. No tears or drama.

    Then I invited a nice girl I'd met at the uni cafeteria (a fiend's friend), invited her to a show I happened to have tickets for.
    I wanted to make a trip during Christmas break, asked my best female friend but she was in love with some guy then, thus I got a 'no'.

    -On her side The girl I had asked out wanted to visit Paris, had asked her best female friend , got a 'no'. Mentioned it to me when we were both getting a coke at the vending machine, asking if I wanted to be her companion. I know Paris very well since my uncle lives there. I accepted.
    I met her parents, -got inspected (lol)- booked two rooms.
    We visited Paris thoroughly , flirted a bit, first Christmas and New year's eve in Paris, first kiss at a romantic place.
    We started dating when we got back home. We took our time before going further.


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  • My wife and I met through a mutual friend.
    She proposed to me with a simple question.
    "So, when do we get married?"

  • We actually met by a friend.. and it was a get together. it was love at first sight haha. i was 23!


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  • I was 24 met my wife while we worked together. After 3 years I thought about marrying her but we found out we were expecting so we waited to get married so we could use that money on a home and wed after 5 years. I proposed to her at our favorite hotel in S. F. during us spending a weekend together.

  • Online. We were together for eight years before we got married. We weren't about to have any more children, so it didn't seem so important. I should have asked her sooner.

  • Never met. Family proposed.