Girls, Would you steal a rich mans/womans money?

This a weird question, but an interesting one.

Imagine you are married to a man/woman who is worth $10 million. You have half his/her assets and are getting divorced because you both simply have fallen out with each other. But nothing dishonorable happened between you two, e. g infidelity.
Also you have a averagely paid job and are not financially strained.

What would you do.

I am 17 and asking this question because eventually when i get married i want to sign a prenup as i will be inheriting a lot of money from my parents, and i want to stay financially free.

Answer this honestly, not as a joke.

  • Take half his/her assets
    100% (5)
  • Let partner keep their assets
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  • other (explain below)
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  • That's a hard one. I can see it both ways... I could see the rich one thinking: "prove you don't want me for my money", and the person signing it thinking: "he/she wants options, and believes in divorce."

    I'd sign it.

    • why haven't you clicked 'let him keep his assets' then

    • I accidentally voted for the wrong one, haha. So knock one off the first option and add it to the second.

  • If my guy wanted a prenup there would be no wedding and there would be no relationship anymore. To me it would mean he doesn't really believe the two of us are going to last forever. I would never trust him. I would think he wants it so that he can cheat without risking me getting anything if he cheats and I leave or if he finds someone else and leaves me. I also want to be staying home with our children and if he wants a prenup he could just dump me and I would have nothing. No. If he even mentioned he wanted a prenup I would question our whole relationship and if he didn't agree to not have one things would be over between us.

    • His view would be that you dont want to sign a prenup because you want to steal his millions.
      I want to sign a prenup to protect my dads work and security. I would never consider adultery, my parents would be so ashamed.
      Also, the prenup im signing guarantees my future partner some money. If the prenup would give you $50K in a divorce, would you sign it?

      But tbh, i would prefer a girl to dump me then steal millions from me.

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    • she will get married to a dirty loser for 'the rest of her life' :) (it will be a good match). But i mean... she talks like she's three years old with all this love of my life shit... grow up! Love doesn't last forever... we have no choice but to let go of the people closest to us in our lives

    • all the things you have said are harsh but they are true. I think the reason this young woman won't sign a prenup, is because they want to make a man financially weak so they won't cheat. I think it is very bad for a girl like this to have to stoop so low in order to make a guy 'need her'... she must have given people a lot of reasons to leave her in the past. It is shameful, if she really loved someone she would sign it... especially if your dealing with millions.

      She might have a low self esteem about herself and feel she needs to do this to keep a man (as she won't accept anyone with a prenup)... or she could be a gold digger, who knows :)
      If a girl won't sign a prenup... good riddance to you my friend... we both have money we need to protect... good luck to you!

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