Engaged GAGers, what type of ring do you have? How did you go about choosing it?

First off, congratulations!! :D

With all the different types of stones, cuts, bands and designs out there, how did you choose the ring for your fiance? If you chose your ring with your partner, what made you pick the one you did? Feel free to share pictures (of similar ones online or of your own)!


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  • Talking about engagement rings are we? 😮 is someone getting engaged soon? Lol 😛

    When I find the girl I want to pop the question to I will buy a ring that fits her. No like literally but like that has her name all over it. I'm usually right about things like that so yeah haha.

    • Hahaha not soon, but it came up.

      I'm always nervous about that! Some guys aren't as spot on as they think they are haha

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    • Lol that's true as well.

    • Hey thanks for the MHO! 😊

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  • I have a simple princess cut diamond with a platinum band. He chose it. I had no idea what it looked like before he popped the question, lol.


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  • Round cut solitaire, white gold. He picked it out, but it's beautiful. :)

  • Can I just share mine cause I love it? :)

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