Describe your dream girl, what would make her "wifey" material?

In my generation ito is becoming harder and harder to find a guy who is honest, loyal, and productive, who wants marriage and children.
This goes for girls too I noticed most of my friends don't desire marriage or children in the future. I am part of the few who do. I don't need a big wedding or the white picket fence. But I want a guy who is down for the long run for me and our family.
There are some guys who run the streets and are childish until the find the 1 that one girl who changes everything.
So what about you guys? What's your dream girl? What does she look like? Act like? What dreams do you want to share with her? goals? What would make you wife her up?
Please be detailed


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  • On a physical side I'm not demanding. Take care of yourself, and take a little pride in your appearance. I do appreciate a woman that knows she looks good, and isn't afraid to be proud of it and is completely proud of her body/ appearance..

    On the emotional/personal level. Yes I want marriage, yes I want kids. Yes I want a good cook, yes I want a good house keeper/manager of the home. Yes I will work my ass off so she can stay at home to take care of the house/kids. I'm a more traditional man.


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  • I just want someone I can get along with. I am not so foolish as to demand she look a certain way, act a certain way, or shares my vision so long as we get along. Of course that task, getting along with me, is incredibly difficult and I do not blame anyone for not trying.

  • I think marriage is outdated in the 21 century. Why can't people just have sex and live with each other until they don't want to anymore and then go their separate ways without going through alimony or any of that shit.

  • She looks like you lol

    • Lol I see what you did thete, I thjnk. Ah

    • Haha funny cause its true lol

  • katy perry ;)


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