25th birthday tomorrow, female, Do I have a chance at love marriage versus arranged marriage (photos inside)?

Hi, and thanks for reading. i'm turning 25 years old tomorrow. I've never been kissed, never been on a date or been asked (not asked to prom or dance either), and still a virgin (I have no intimate experience). I have always felt really ugly, but sometimes I feel good about myself.

Now that I'm getting older, my mom wants me to get an arranged marriage and she has been looking for sometime now. I haven't had any good offers, and no one has taken interest in me. She just she's people my photos and gives them my profile (I have a graduate degree and full-time job).

I have always dreamed about having a love marriage, finding a man that loves me and chooses to be with me and having a romantic marriage proposal, but now I'm thinking that will not happen. I'm in my mid-20s, and have never even come close to a guy before and they don't come close to me either. I know it's because of my appearance.

Can you look at my photos below and let me know what you think? What would you do if you were me? What would you choose? If I don't get an arranged marriage now, I risk being single for many, many more years, and even then there is no guarantee I will find someone to love me or marry me. Also how old do I look? People have always told me I look a lot older than I am, like in my 30s? And what can i do to look better?



Thanks so much! And please be honest!


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  • "... what can i do to look better?"

    Smile more.

    If you already seem happy, it's not much work for a guy to make you happy. Your eyes are striking. Those eyes and a flash of a grin across your full lips should be all a guy needs to be motivated to come your way.

    And... smile more. 😄

    • Thanks so much for your response, will definitely take it into consideration.

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  • im not sure what culture you live in but from what i have seen you should have no problem getting a guy unless the guys you live around are just arrogant or no very nice to women in general, you look very beautiful and can't see why a guy has not asked to be with you yet.

  • You've posted this question before hun. I remember your pretty face! Hey I just turned 25 and currently single. I actually choose to be because right now I'm working on myself. You'll find a great guy. I know you think you won't but you will. You'll have the dream wedding, the house, the kids, it will all happen. Just be patient. Dont get an arranged marriage! Thats not what you want. You want that special guy that you clock with. That makes you have butterflies in your stomach. You deserve that and he'll come one day.

    • by the way happy birthday! 😊

    • Thanks a lot, I think everyone deserves someone that loves them, but not everyone finds that special person. I think i just have no chance, no luck at all. i have worked on myself so much and now I am just waiting for someone to come and want to be with me or ask me on a date or something. I'm just so sick of being the "ugly single friend."

      By the way, you have nearly perfect grammar and spelling :)

    • I believe you have a chance to finding him! You're gorgeous. If you look down at @PippiL opinion you'll see what I said. Guys just fear rejection way too much nowadays. Its unbelievable. Now I'm not that kind of person. I can talk to anyone so its never been a problem. I've been nervous yeah. So it'd more up to the gentlemen to stand up and say let's do this now than ever.

      Do you have any friends or family that coukd set you up? You're really young! Dont give up hope. My sister didn't marry till she was 30 and had her first child at 33. So its not time to give up yet. You've worked so hard on yourself don't let it all go.

      Really? I've never noticed that before! Haha I usually make typos

  • You're pretty beautiful, but I agree with some of the other commenters here, you don't look approachable without a smile.

    • Thanks for your response!

  • What country are you in? In the united states guys would be lining up to find a girl like you. Most of the women here looking to get married are only wanting to get married because they have several kids from several different guys all out of wedlock, and expect a guy to raise another mans child. You are far ahead of most of the women here that still manage to find a guy. A lot of those women are fat whereas you are not.

    Are you sure it isn't because you are too picky? I can't understand why you would have a hard time finding a man. If there is a country with a man shortage or something, you need to tell us where it is so we can head down there and find wives that have the kind of values you seem to have.

    • Hi, thanks for your response, I live in the United States, grew up here. I'm not too picky, I'm not asking for much of anything and I'm in no position to be picky anyways. I think I'll be happy with whatever I can get.

    • I don't know what your problem is then. I have looked for a good girl to marry and all I find are party girls, and ex party girls that are now desperate because they have kids. I always figured girls like you were already taken because I can't find them. Maybe its just hard for marriage minded people to sort through all of the sex crazed party goers to find each other. I promise you there are lots of guys looking for a girl like you to marry.

  • You are pretty, but it is... not the typical kind of pretty. There is nothing wrong with it, it is just outside the norm.
    You do look like you are more mature than 25. I wouldn't say you look OLDER than 25, but you look more mature.

    You could find someone. You should take some initiative with dating sites, maybe be the one to approach guys (you look like the confident type in your pic, so even if you aren't, you look like you are).

    That said, people DO FIND LOVE in arranged marriages. It is quite possible your mother could find someone, and you could be very happy with that person. I say be open to the idea of meeting people she finds, so long as the people understand you have the final say, and you reserve to right to say no.

    • Hi, and thanks for your response. people have always used that word to describe me, even when i was in HS, "mature." What do you mean? Is it my bone structure or my eyes that make me look mature? Some people think I'm in my 30's and I wonder if that is why guys don't approach me or talk to me.

      And also, what do you mean by "typical kind of pretty?" can you explain that to me? Are you referring to blond hair, blue eyes type pretty?

    • As wordy as I can be with some posts, in all honesty, I have always struggled with describing things, especially physically. So I can try to answer your question, but I can't promise my answer will be very satisfactory.

      When it comes to "mature," I don't know how to explain it. I think that is more how a person presents themselves then how they look. You dress conservatively but not prudishly. You smile, but the smile seems reserved. etc. You look like you take things a little slower, and a little more seriously, than people your age.

      As for pretty? While the "blonde and blue eyed" pretty is what is thought of, for that I mean more face shape, etc, than racial traits. Anyone can be pretty after all. You are attractive, and at first glance, the adjective that comes to mind is "pretty" before any other. You just don't fall into the typical types of pretty. So, while undoubtably attractive, there is a unique or unusual quality to it.

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  • Are you kidding me? You're gorgeous. And beautifully dressed. I think any man would be lucky to have you.

    • Thanks for your response, I really appreciate it, but not guys ever approach me or even look at me. I feel like they see right through me and I don't know why. I always say hello to everyone.

    • I agree!
      Asker I have notice this a lot. Beautiful women go unnoticed nowadays. I've come to the realization that guys are too timid and fear rejection too much they don't approach beautiful women like yourself. Its not you its the guys around you. They need to learn how to make a move.

  • Yes you do!!