How do I tell if my boyfriend really wants to marry me?

How do i tell if my boyfriend really wants to marry me we have been dating for 6 months he has told me he loves me and is in love with me he has brought up the idea of marriage twice so far but has not flat out gotten down on one knee with a ring and asked me to marry him im so confused does this mean that he sees a future with me and he's trying to ease into it or he's just trying to keep me around or does it mean something completely different that im not seeing


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  • Six months is not a long time to be together before considering marriage. You are young yet.

    I would at least two years to really get to know someone before jumping into marriage.

    You can be committed to one another and not wear a ring... commitment is a state of mind, not a physical feature on your finger.


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  • Slow down, child.


    It's only been 6 months. Literally put it out of your mind for another 6 at least.

  • 6 months is too early to tell. It sounds like he's serious about you and definitely sees a future but honestly you're both young and your relationship hasn't really fully matured yet either. Do you guys live together? Do you share expenses? Do you have a plan for what you want the future to be like? Marriage is something that should be discussed before it happens because there are so many things that have to be sorted out along with it. I'm not surprised he hasn't just ask you yet, it's way too early.

    • we are going to look at an apartment this week we know each others pins to are credit cards but we dont have joint bank accounts we talk about what we want are future to be like all the time and plus my boyfriends 37 he's very mature and he knows what he wants out of life i feel he wants me in his future he's just scared of going down that road again

    • I kinda question the stability of a 37 year old discussing marriage with a 21 year old after dating 6 months.. I'm sorry, it's really nothing against you but your future is very liable to change still. So maybe he's waiting until your life is more together

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