Should I skype him first?

Last year (March 2009) this guy was my professor in my last semester and I had a crush on him.

I think he knew about my feeling but he did not show any response.

He was friendly to me: we often engaged in interesting conversations or shared some jokes but nothing more than that, so I don't think I stand a good chance to be with him.

Now he lives in another country and I know his skype id.

He is always online every day but I am too chicken to add him in my list. Besides, I usually stay invisible most of time.

Today I suddenly miss him so much and want to talk to him so badly... Well, just chit chat will do... On the other hand, I am afraid to receive cold shoulder from him. I might be too risk averse... but it really hurts if his reply is unfriendly.

Should I skype him?

BTW, I already graduated so we do not have any academic relationship anymore.

His age is close to mine.


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  • I don't think it can do any harm to talk to him, He may not respond and you have to be prepared for that but I see no reason why he would do that. Just a friendly hello how are you would be sufficient.


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