Marriage...(guys only)

when do guys start to think about getting married? 'cause my boyfriend said that he was thinking about his future and what he wanted in his future and he's like I want you in my future and he said he was like I'm gonna ask her to marry me sometime in the future.


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  • Depends on the guy. I have friends who at 19 are already searching for the one. Some friends at 22 are already engaged. Personally, for me its something to put off as long as possibly. That's what your 20's are for, exploring and experiencing things, that's where all the ridiculous memories come from, that you will carry throughout your life.

    For me is based on what I want to get out of life. I want to go back to Europe, travel the world, go skydiving, go montaining, etc. before I tie myself down.

    For other guys, some guys want a stable future before cmmiting. The want a good job and money as a good starting point.

    Some people are always looking, and want to get married earlier.. like I said it depends on the person and their goals in life

    • Yeah.. there's no such thing as "guys".. the same way there's no such thing as "girls".. everyone is an individual.. and yeah.. there are "groups" or "types" of guys.. but there's no "catch-all" mentality on issues like marriage..

      I know guys that are 40, and feel they're still "not ready" to get married (even though they're loaded)

      I know my friend Matt.. who got married AND had a kid when he was 24 (and broke)..

      it really depends on the individual

      so ask HIM.. not US..

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