Am I wrong for thinking this way?

Basically me and my dad got in this huge argument. He said that being gay/lesbian is wrong and it's wrong to let them get married and that they shouldn't be allowed to adopt kids because the kids will become messed up. I said that I do think it is wrong, but I also feel that if they wanted to get married then they should be allowed. I said it isn't hurting me and I don't really care if they get married. They have a right to be happy just like a man and a woman getting married would be. And I said that I would rather a kid go to loving parents of the same sex than be in an orphanage or in the foster care system. My dad told me that I'm wrong and it's people like me that are turning the world so bad. I don't think that I am wrong.


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  • Well, for some people this is a sensitive subject. Some people believe exactly what you believe, in that, if a child has loving parents then that is all that is necessary. Still others believe that not having a mother-figure (if gay parents) or not having a father-figure (if lesbian parents) could warp the child's progress into the world, as lessons are learned from both sides growing up. There is also the possibility that the child could be made fun of by their peers and that could harm the child emotionally.

    Personally, I believe the latter, but understand the the opposite view point. It is not wrong for you believe something that you father doesn't like, they are your opinions. If it bothers you to argue with him about it, just avoid those conversations, most likely he will not change his mind on the subject and neither will you.

    Good luck!

  • yea because man/woman marriages work out so well ( about 60 percent get divorced and about the same cheats on each other throughout their marriages).


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