What do you think of this? Too early or is it okay?

Me and my fiancé have been going out for 3 years and 2 months ago he proposed to me. I'm 17 and he is as well. We both told our parents about it, and they are okay with it (our parents talked about it with each other and with us). We have thought about it very long, so it's certainly not something random.

Now, we got different responses from the people around us. Most of them ask us if we thought about it, and then wish us luck. A small amount of people just insults us and calls us nuts, and worse (maybe because I'm black and my man is white?).

What do you think of this, i.e. would it be too early for YOU? And what would you do if your boyfriend/girlfriend proposed to you at this age?


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  • seriously I think you are too young. but remember I don't know you! just that you are here asking this question means you are, in my opinion, having second thoughts. This is something you don't want to have before you get married.

    another think is that the next 10 or so years you will be changing...you will get to know, through experiences, what you want before you choose who you are going to settle for.

    from a math perspective now, do you know the chances of people that get married at your age end up divorcing? and hopefully without kid to suffer. check the following link:


    and why the heck you wan to get married... try going to college for a change.joking :)

    but seriously now...my answer has to be clear. I don't think you should get married at 17

    hope I helped.

    • I don't have second thoughts but I just wonder why we get different responses from people. And I'm already at university ;p have been since I turned 15 thanks, I skipped college. :) And yes, I know how many people split up..but yeah..this is what I want.

      But thanks for your opinion :).

    • Go for it then :). one thing is sure, you will never know until you do it.

  • i think the fact that you are asking this question should answer it for you...

    • You obviously didn't read properly. I asked: would it be too early for YOU if you were in this situation...I'm asking it because I'm curious how other people would react, it's not because I'm not sure about it.

    • Fair play there! sorry it was late when I answered this! umm ok to answer this properly: I have often thought of the prospect of getting married really early and in some ways I think it'd be amazing, but in other ways it does restrict you somewhat with life oppurtunities, cos you'd always be making decisions about your future as a couple, so I think it would be too early for me, but I can see why it would be perfect for others.

    • Okay :). Thanks for your opinion. x

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