What are the top three things you girls look for in a guy?

Things that he absolutely MUST have, otherwise you could never be with him.


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  • laidback personality

    a weird quality that seperates them from any other guy (as in nerdyness, awkwardness, shyness, strange hobby, etc.)

    able to laugh at themselves

    those three arnt essential, but I like them.

    • Wasn't expecting these, but I like the way you think.

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    • Idk. I figured most girls would say confidence, politics, style, dancing ability, etc.. yours are very unique and specific, though. it's a good thing.

    • Thanks. I just don't believe in vanity and superficiality.

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  • 1. non-smoker! I absolutely HATE it.. its disgusting..

    2. sense of humor.. not just funny jokes but can take sarcasm and dish it out, doesn't take offense to jokes or sarcastic comments...

    3. chivalry.. if a guy opens doors for me and does other things like that I feel like he thinks I'm special (even if I know he doesn't) and ESPECIALLY if the relationship grows enough I would want him to definitely go to my parents before proposing to me..

    maybe its just because I'm really old-fashioned when it comes to love but I think the guy should really take the lead in a relationship.. if I'm the one always starting a convo or having to set up a time to hang out I feel like he may not like me or that I just am "not worth it" which can be disheartening but I know there's someone out there for me :)

  • - Maintains his Physicality

    - Head & his shoulders --> e.x financially stable , the basics

    - Tends to my Needs

    das bout it :)*

  • -genuine love for God

    -respect for me, himself, and people in general

    -um, I can't think of a third. Except the obvious of actually being available (not married or dating someone else)

  • 1. Some degree of personality (you'd be suprised how many guys actualy seem completely devoid of one)

    2. Respect of and for me.

    3. An open mind.


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