Guys I have symptoms of autism and I hav anxiety so I'm getin tested if I'm autistic but would a hot disabled girl mary me if I'm unemployed as well?

I do not plan on working and I don't want to but I want a hot tall mentally disabled girl to be my wife... I'm 5'8 so I want a 6 foot tall woman and can you tell me what dating sites have tall hot mentally disabled women... the reason I want one is cuz she won't demand too much from me... she will love me for me and she won't be embarrassed of me for not being employed and I believe true love means something when a man is not working... I will treat her like a queen and I will make babies with her!!!


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  • This post is so weird...

    • Of course it's weird I'm autistic just tell me where to find a mentally disabled girl so I can live happily ever after

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    • Ok you are weird and I know that it is not because you are autistic. You ask a lot in a girl but you give nothing. I still think that it is better to work but it is your life and your decision.

    • Good luck in life buddy, you're gonna need it.

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  • you dont want to work and want children. good luck. because no girl wants a lazy boyfriend or even a lazy husband who doesn't want to work. you want a good life and expect it to be handed to you while everyone else works for one. boy. nothing is going to be handed to you when mommy and daddy are gone. sorry if it sounds mean but its the truth.

    • I said a disabled girl not an abled bodied girl so please answer the right way please

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    • Maybe definitely an option

    • keep dreaming boy. parents dont live forever

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  • you can work from home? How are u planning to raise those babies young man 😒 get ur ass of to work ! haha


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