Abandoned while pregnant?

My boyfriend left me when he found out I was pregnant; he said he wants nothing to do with me if I'm having a baby and nothing to do with the baby because we aren't married. He also said he never loved anyone like he loves me and after he left me he has spent the past 2.5 months contacting me to see me every once in a while because he says he can't forget me. He did offer to marry me so the child will not be a bastard when it is born but wanted to divorce after the baby was born. I said I was not going to get married just to get divorced. He just left the country to be with his family, I'm asking the men if you think he will come back? Would you really walk away from your child forever? If you left the person you claimed to love because she was having your baby would you come back for her? Thanks for your response

Oh and he does have 2 kids from a previous marriage--they live with their mom and with his parents sometimes and he sends them money sometimes. He seems content to go for a year without seeing them.


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  • I am terribly sorry to hear about your situation. This guy sounds like a grade A d-bag. His offer to marry you and then divorce is maybe the stupidest thing I have ever heard. However, I would be tempted to agree to it just to take him to court for child support.

    If he has two children from a previous marriage and is content without seeing them for a year... I don't think he will treat your child differently.

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  • Well, he might come back but its unlikely if he already has another family to take care of. He doenst want to finacially suport you or the child, he doesn't seem to suport his previous wife and kids either. He was using you, just for sex. He's left the country, nice, he's done a runner good luck geting child support. Its hard to raise a child by yourself, but lots of people do it. You just met the wrong guy, and you made the choice to raise her.


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