How would you propose?

Guys, or girls! If you could make any plans you wanted and make it flawless, how would you want to propose to your dream girl/guy?

Private just the two of you? A quiet dinner? On the beach? In public? In front of close friends and family? Or maybe a private proposal with a secret surprise party after wards in celebration? Etc. If nothing was off limits and you could do anything, how would you like to propose to your loved one?

And if you ALREADY proposed, what did you do?


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  • I would propose, only at a VERY special place, to both of us, perhaps somewhere in nature, with birds or crickets singing, just us, nobody watching.
    A simple gold ring, as I am not a rich man, and huge diamonds would not be something she cared about anyway.
    I think we would already know, and have decided, together, in our minds, before I asked, just as a formality.


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  • I don't know yet since I don't know the woman I'll marry.
    What I know for sure is that it'll be private, that's something I wanna remember where we're just the 2 of us, no one else around.
    I would want to do it in a place that means a lot to her, or to both of us. You know, those kind of place where you feel at peace.
    It would be a simple thing, nothing big. I'm someone that believes simplicity can be much better than extravagance, but I will certainly express her how I feel, and why I want to marry her.

    • This sounds so sentimental, I would die of happiness. Personally, I think a public proposal would embarrass me. >.<

    • It wouldn't feel special in public. Everyone watching, commenting, taking pics, clapping... I don't want that, especially if they're strangers.
      It's a special moment between my girl and I, no one else.

  • Will sing a song for her which I've decided a long time ago 😂 LOL

  • I'll do what ever will bring her to her knees
    Make her cry
    Stop her heart
    And make her say yes


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