So.. What should I do about this?

So i just got out of prison in a foreign country to find out my wife divorced me.. So i lost my house my cars and my child who i have not seen in 5 years.. and no im told that i owe about $74,000 in child support... Please take note im still confined in the same country i went to prison in.. So i can't work and i can't leave and my child support grows with each month.. ALSO for those of you wanting to know why i was in prison i was in car accident and someone died so i as the American was blamed for it.. So what y'all think I should do?

So conclusion... Dont have kids unless your ready to pay crazy amounts in child support.. And also most countries will NOT offer asylum to an American lol..


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  • Talk to the mother of your child and let her know that you are going through a lot... you haven't found a job yet and if she can take the child support off temporary. Hm was anything in your name? Or you guys didn't have joint accounts. I'd get a law and see if you can get anything that doesn't sound right

    • The mother of my child won't speak to me since i got out. and due to my revoked passport and lack of a visa i can't work in this country... yes everything WAS in my name however before she divorced me she transferred everything due to my state being a his and her state.. And i spoke with 3 lawyers today and they won't touch this without a retainer...

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    • Ya lol.. see normally people would call their families or something but i dont really have anyone so it kinda sucks a lot... But sometimes the life cycle is cut short lol

    • Pray on it and let God handle it

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  • Talk things out with your ex-wife, or stay out of the US, build a new life in another country, and don't pay the child support.

    • well she divorced me while i was in prison here and now she won't speak to me =/ and due to the situation my passport has been revoked meaning well if i try to enter a different country its a NO GO =/

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    • Maybe you can get across the border over land, or request asylum in an embassy of a country that doesn't like America but might want something from you?

    • ya im looking into that... as we speak lol

  • Go to your embassy and ask them for help and advice. There must be way out.

    • iv alrdy contacted them and due to the back child support my passport has been revoked to they will grant me a temp passport just so i can go back and start the AWESOME stuff below..

      The recycle is a jail term of 90 days. After 90 days, the prisoner is released, only to be greeted by another incarceration for failure to pay child support for 90 days and the cycle is continued.

    • There must be solution. Like this it's life sentence

    • lol ya.. thats kinda how its feeling i alrdy spent 2 years in a prison labor camp here because a woman ran a red light and hit me.. now i get to MAYBE return home to a ruined life.. REALLY sucks because I had worked so hard to make a good life for my family and myself..

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