What do you do when your wife is upset?

Me and my wife have been married for 3 years. She has a daughter from a previous marraige. We don't have any kids yet. She's really worried about something happening to us. We went camping last night. Her mom and her friend were talking about all the bad stuff happening in the world. Which is why she doesn't watch the news it scares her. She doesn't know what to do if something happened to me or her daughter she'd probably kill herself. Our neighbors who were at camp had a party last night one of they're friends was a cop she was gonna play corn hole with them but when she saw the police she didn't want to go. She said she doesn't trust police after what happened in Dallas. We're in Ohio thank god nothing has happened here yet. The only cop she can trust is one her mom use to work with he's her friend but if she didn't know one she don't trust them. Her mom was telling her last night a woman recorded her boyfriend being shot by a cop with a baby in the back seat. Now she doesn't trust them even more. She just can't trust them just the one her mom knows. She did want to go over but she was too scared with the cop there. He didn't stay very long but she was still worried he had a gun on him and his uniform and everything even had his car. We just got home she's scared because her fourwheeler broke down in the middle of the road we had to walk back to the camp site and get her dad to start it. She said it was really scary. She just can't trust anything or anyone anymore. How can I help her feel better?


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  • Why are you putting up with her knowing you two don't even have kids together?

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