A good secret? Marriage talk?

Hey everyone,

Okay, so my boyfriend of three years went out on a guys night with our mutual best friend. He's like a brother to both of us. Well, of course I was told by my boyfriend and best friend that they talked a lot about me and it was all good things. Some of the things my boyfriend told me was that they talked about how he couldn't imagine his life with anyone else but me and that he's happier with me than he's ever been with anyone else. All of these things are wonderful to hear obviously! But, there is still something else that is a good secret that he won't tell me. Our best friend won't tell me either! I'm one of those people that if you dangle something in front of me and then snatch it away I will keep thinking about it, and thinking about it, and thinking about it... Anyway, neither of them will tell me because they have to stick to "Guys Code", which I totally respect, but come on!

We recently (about a month ago) had the marriage talk and about how he thinks about us in that way and such. I'm wondering if that's what they are talking about?

What do you think their secret about me is?


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  • Maybe he is bi, I don't know could be anything...does he talk in his sleep, stay up late maybe he will tell you...

    • Oh dear God... lol. Really? I can see why you answered anonymously, lol. That's ridiculous.

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