In an arranged marraige if a husband (virgin) comes to know that his wife was not a virgin n had multiple sex before & lied about it before marraige?

What should the husband do? Will he miss many special things in life forever? Or else how could he get rid of the hurtful feelings of images, betrayal, insecurity, comparison, etc which may torture his mind. Yes its true that this should not matter but in reality many people face it, so they comes here for advice to get over coz saying to get over it is easy but in reality its tougher. So whats the cure for such situations? Coz its not easy to leave a person easily after marraige as its a lifelong relationship. Will the husband be dominated in the relationship by wife? Sorry for the the length?


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  • Get over it. Its in the past and nothings going to change whats already happened. Worrying it like a dog with a bone will do you no good...


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  • Not sure exactly why the concern, but possibly from a country or religion that frowns about women who are not virgin.
    If you feel she betrayed you by not telling the truth about her past. perhaps she was embarrassed.
    YOU need to figure out if you LOVE her or not. If you base all your 'love' for her on her past, no matter what the reason, you need to get out. Love has no place for that.
    For me, I could care less. If she is a good woman, then maybe a talk and move on.
    Why would she dominate you?

    • Thanks for the MHO. I do hope you figure things out, and I hope it is a good ending or beginning... :)

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  • The husband should come into the current century with the rest of us.


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  • Him and his family should call off the wedding

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