How do I keep him from leaving?

My boyfriend and I have been dating a little over a year now and things seem to be going nowhere but down hill. I moved 8 hours from him for school but I will be home in 2 weeks. I am afraid he is going to leave me soon because he rarely calls or texts anymore and all we seem to do it fight. Now here's the twist over Christmas holidays he bought me a ring saying it was an engagement ring. Ever since he bought it he was acting weird and he did not act like we were engaged at all. We ended up breaking up for a week and he said that clearly meant I called the engagement off. We are back together for now. I love him and I want to keep him in my life, but he seems to be drifting away. What do I do?


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  • Keep him from leaving? You mean like chain him up in the basement, cover him with Cheese Whiz and let the rats at him?

    No may-be not. But seriously, do you think "trying" to keep someone around is healthy? Either they want to stay or they don't want to stay, end of story. Trust me, I have experience with his situation. One of my ex-GFs used to live with me, she would always threaten to leave and go home when things one sticky. I'd always ask her to stay and she would fight me about it and then she'd stay. She'd apologize and say she didn't know what she was saying cause she was mad. Then one day, she finally pack up a few things and left. Asking her to stay when she didn't want to only prolonged the inevitable. I should have let her go the first time she threatened to leave.

    Anyway... Pawn the ring, go out and buy yourself a nice new outfit and go hunting for a guy that will call you, text you and rock your world.

    • Thanks, and you're right maybe trying to keep him from leaving is just hurting more then its doing any good. Pawning the ring doesn't sound so bad lol

  • It sounds like this relationship has run its course in his mind. You have to have a talk with him about where you two are at in terms of commitment.


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