Would you want a polygamous marriage?

Polygamous marriage could mean 1 man and multiple women, 1 woman and multiple men, or multiple women, or multiple men, or multiple women AND multiple men. I was thinking I'd want a polygamous marriage - me, 1 man, and 1 woman - so we could all share responsibilities. Also I'd love them, and have a good sex life between the 3 of us. Would you want a polygamous marriage?
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Why would you want, or not want, polygamy?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't have any desire to get married. Most marriages I have seen ended up unhappy, divorced, or with someone cheating on the other. The commitment you make to marry someone doesn't seem to click with modern marriages. And, once you're in one, you are TRAPPED. If things got bad and you needed to get money out of a shared account or quickly leave them, you couldn't do it successfully. With a relationship, you just pack your shit and leave, but marriages are more complicated to deal with.

    I don't want to get married, because men can't keep their eyes on one girl. I'd hate to have to spend the rest of my life with someone that can't be loyal. If I were simply dating someone, I'd be able to leave anytime I wanted. Caught him cheating? No worries. When he comes home, my things will be gone. Turned abusive? It's okay. Just call a friend, pack my stuff, and get out of there. Marriages are so, so much worse, because you can't easily escape from them!


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  • Monogamy only for me.

  • Wtf is wrong with you? Explain to me why you would want to share your husband?

    • Because I like women too & I want both

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    • That should read... Life is yours*

    • Alright... Hypothetical scenario... You get into such a relationship... What will you do should both of them engage in extra marital affairs? ( affairs with strangers)... And do you really want to commit bigamy? Cause legally you can only marry one person...

  • Gross.


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