Would you want a polygamous marriage?

Polygamous marriage could mean 1 man and multiple women, 1 woman and multiple men, or multiple women, or multiple men, or multiple women AND multiple men. I was thinking I'd want a polygamous marriage - me, 1 man, and 1 woman - so we could all share responsibilities. Also I'd love them, and have a good sex life between the 3 of us. Would you want a polygamous marriage?

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  • I'd rather not be polygamous but I'd consider it
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Why would you want, or not want, polygamy?


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What Girls Said 34

  • Monogamy only for me.

  • Wtf is wrong with you? Explain to me why you would want to share your husband?

    • Because I like women too & I want both

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    • That should read... Life is yours*

    • Alright... Hypothetical scenario... You get into such a relationship... What will you do should both of them engage in extra marital affairs? ( affairs with strangers)... And do you really want to commit bigamy? Cause legally you can only marry one person...

  • Gross.


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