I'm going to go on a Mail Order Brides Romance Tour- which country should I go to?

I'm turning 30 in six months' time, and in spite of searching all this time, still haven't found a single girl through dating who was willing to commit to a relationship without demanding the world and offering me nothing in return. My family's been pressuring me to get an arranged marriage for the past decade now, and I agreed five years ago that if I hadn't found anyone for myself by the age of 30, then I'd accept defeat and agree to an arranged marriage to a girl of their choice from India (where my family's originally from). There's no way I'll be able to find a girl here in the UK who'll agree to marry me or get engaged in the next six months, and TBH the girls over here aren't really worth all the hassle and the expense anyway- none of them care about love, romance or compassion, all they care about is getting laid, and I'm sick and tired after having been rejected by thousands upon thousands of girls because I'm "too nice", "not experienced enough", and because I "care too much".
I want a good girl, one who can actually appreciate a guy who loves her and cares about her. But over here in the UK, those girls are effectively extinct. And with only 6 months left, I have to resign myself to the fact that I'm never going to find a good girl here in this country, not in such a short space of time, not when I've wasted the last 12 years exhaustively trying to find one, to no avail. So I've decided to throw caution to the wind, take one last throw of the dice, and use the cash I've saved up to go on a Mail Order Brides Romance Tour. Basically, travelling abroad to meet a few potential Mail Order Brides and their families in person (after having scouted them online- the pictures are my best personality-based picks thus far from the chat forums, and they're all 19-25), to find out which girl, if any, might be the best match- and if I really make a connection to one of them, getting engaged to her. So, which country do you think I should go on my Romance Tour in?

  • China
  • Indonesia
  • Brazil
  • Russia
  • Mexico
  • Philippines
  • Other (please state)
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by the way, if no-one at all's bothered about the Romance Tour, perhaps you could do me a favour by simply voting for whichever girl you'd consider to be the most attractive? Thanks


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  • You can't buy love. I think there's a very small, almost nonexistent, chance of your paid bride to fall in love with you. People tend to not like being bought and treated like an object even if they are doing this willingly. They probably just want a ticket out of wherever they are.

    • I'm not buying anyone though. And the whole point of this exercise would be to avoid getting treated like an object myself, to get someone other than all of these girls over here who only want to be bought. I want to find love- no-one else here in the UK believes that love even exists any more, let alone that love has any inherent worth of its own besides whatever you can extort from your 'loved ones'. I would never treat any person like an object, and I'm wouldn't go to buy them over, I'd go to win them over with my heart and personality. These are all girls who've said that they're not looking for money, but for a kind, honest, caring and attentive man who'll treat them right, the kind of guy they'd like to have a serious relationship with. And even though these girls over here reject me for being a 'nice guy', even though girls here just want free tickets and NSA sex, I still believe that there are girls out there who CAN fall in love with the person who I am.

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    • Well good luck.

    • I'd also try Poland. Polish girls are hot, love sex and like exotic guys.

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  • I'd say the Dominican Republic. The girls I've met there are pretty and make very good wives. No way I'd EVER consent to an arranged marriage. Culture be damned !

    • It's a bit out of the way though, and me not being a Christian could complicate matters. And I could only find two active profiles of girls from there who could supposedly speak fluent English, and both were filled with typos:

      Suffice to say that it's not 'up there' on my list. Though the girl representing 'other' is in Jamaica, and it isn't that far to the Dom. Rep., so I guess I could fit both into a Caribbean Romance Tour...

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  • Good luck. Hopefully she won't run off after she gets the Visa

    • If they did turn out to be the kind of girls who might do that, then I'd just see it as a relaxing road-trip vacation. The Romance Tour would just be to see if the girls were genuine or not- and if they weren't, I wouldn't be marrying anyone. And it's not like the girl from India who my parents would want me to get an arranged marriage to wouldn't be able to do exactly the same thing after she gets hers. At least this way, I get to have a choice in who I pick...

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  • Russia. They'll leave you after a out a year tho

    • So that wouldn't be a good choice then- I'm looking for a keeper. Also, bearing in mind my own ethnicity (Indian), would a Russian woman really be interested in me? Seems unlikely IMHO.

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    • by the way, I'm most inclined to pick Indonesia at the moment- I'd have the widest selection of girls I've scouted online on my shortlist there, at least 8, but it'd also involve a lot more travel time and higher travel costs. What do you think?

    • by the way, I may not be poor or anything, but I'm not THAT wealthy. And I'm not looking for a girl to serve as my maid/slave, at my beckon command- I'm looking for a mutual, loving relationship with a girl who can appreciate me treating her with kindness, affection and respect.